Mt. Taurus Represents My Next Level for 2012

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In his blog topics newsletter, Chris Brogan suggested that I write about how I plan to make this year different from the last few, and by that, how I intend to bring my game up in a more-than-small amount. At the beginning of the year, Chris also suggested to create a goal that is 3 words long.

My Goal for 2012


I will act is if I am making double my income. I will act is if my company were bigger. I will act as if I have that gig that I really want…..I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. To achieve my goal, I will take certain things to another level. My next level for 2012 is summarized by what I learned in a recent day hike.

At the beginning of the year, I felt compelled to take a day trip to hike Mt. Taurus (Bull Hill) in Cold Spring, New York. This is an incredibly strenuous hike and I wasn’t in the best shape that day. The winter holidays had just finished, I put on some weight, and hadn’t exercised in a few weeks.

View From the Bottom

I parked my car at the bottom of Mt. Taurus and took a picture of the railroad tracks below. Although it’s difficult to make out the railroad tracks in the first image, I love this image.

Mt. Taurus in Cold Spring, New York

Mt. Taurus in Cold Spring, New York

NEXT LEVEL: As I stood there, it reminded me of where I was in my life now. 2011 was incredible year for me and a lot is going to happen in 2012. It’s really important to feel good about where I am starting now.

Getting An Idea of What Lies Ahead

As I looked up the mountain, I felt frustrated. I didn’t want to hike it. It was hard and I’ve hiked it before. I knew what was at stake.

Mt. Taurus in Cold Spring, New York

NEXT LEVEL: I set some goals this year that are out of my reality. I’ve done this before and I know how hard it is. I am plan on taking my career and business to a whole new level this year.

Keeping Things In Perspective

As I continued on my hike, I had victories, obstacles, and moments to reflect. The beautiful views of the river, mountains, and sky were my victories. The big rocks ahead of me were my obstacles. Looking down the mountain was a nice opportunity to reflect on where I came from and how I got to where I am.

Mt. Taurus in Cold Spring, New YorkMt. Taurus in Cold Spring, New York

Mt. Taurus in Cold Spring, New York

Mt. Taurus in Cold Spring, New York

 NEXT LEVEL: This year will have many victories, obstacles, and reflection.

Staying Focused

I took a break at one point and took a picture of this little island in the Hudson river. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I spent a good amount of time imagining what it was. In terms of my goal to get the top of the mountain, it didn’t matter.

Mt. Taurus in Cold Spring, New York

NEXT LEVEL: A key strategy for this year is for me to stay completely focused on what I am working on and finish projects.

Be Awake When The Plane Lands

It felt great to finally reach the top of Mt. Taurus and see the flag at the top of the mountain. The view from the top was the most amazing of all. After I reached the top, I took time to enjoy just being there, before heading down the mountain.

Mt. Taurus in Cold Spring, New York

Mt. Taurus in Cold Spring, New York

Mt. TaMt. Taurus in Cold Spring, New York

NEXT LEVEL: Be aware of when I meet a goal and be sure to celebrate it.

Excellence is in the Details

Although it didn’t help me climb, the comfort and organizational capabilities of my new day pack from Patagonia made this the most comfortable hike ever. I carried a big bottle of water, extra clothing, my phone, keys, wallet, and my camera. I didn’t even notice them.

Mt. Taurus in Cold Spring, New York

NEXT LEVEL: Remember that success lies in the small actions that I take.

Uncomfortable Means I Should Do It

As I reflected on the entire experience, I realized that I felt compelled to do something BIG! When I began the climb, I became aware of the reality (how out-of-shape I was) and I didn’t feel like doing it. My friend Chris Scherer said to me many years ago that many times in life, if something is uncomfortable for you, you should do it.

NEXT LEVEL: The more uncomfortable it is, the more I need to do it now.

What is your next level?
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    Enjoyed reading your article, Mike! So many times we become complacent with where we are at. The very thought of expanding or trying something new makes us uncomfortable. Yet, the only way to grow is to do something uncomfortable. Best of luck in 2012!

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    • Mike Veny says

      Thank you my friend! Same to you!

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