2012 Music Marketing Trends & Predictions

It’s that time of the year to compile a list of music marketing trends and predictions for the new year. So get out your crystal ball, ouija board, or whatever you use to predict the future. Of course, educated guesses and common sense also work here :-) This year I turned to some of my favorite people in the music world and asked them for their best advice on how independent artists should prepare for 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog?

I’m in the middle of writing/presenting the first pilot run of my new program Fast Forward to Fame, that has 40 artists worldwide in attendance (from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, England & the US.) It is a 12-week program that addresses the independent music artist’s plight to claim their space in the overcrowded online global terrain called The New Music Business. We are on Module 3, The Fanbase Growth System, which shows how to

Drummer Daniel Glass & The Century Project

Daniel Glass is my good friend, fellow drummer, and fellow Bosphorus artist. Daniel is a phenomenal jazz drummer and arguably the most important educator in the drumming community. To many, he is the premiere historian on the subject of drumming. As much as I enjoy chatting with him, the sheer quantity and depth of his knowledge can be incredibly intimidating. I really admire him on many levels and have a great respect for his work.