Insulate yourself…

from anonymous angry people Expose yourself to art you don’t yet understand Precisely measure the results that are important to you Stay blind to the metrics that don’t matter Fail often Ship Lead, don’t manage so much Seek out uncomfortable situations Make an impact on the people who matter to you Be better at your baseline skills than anyone else Copyedit less, invent more Give more speeches Ignore unsolicited advice

The economics of Christmas lights

Why bother buying them, putting them up, electrifying them and then taking them down again? After all, the economist wonders, what’s in it for you? The very same non-economic contribution is going on online, every single day.

The erosion in the paid media pyramid

Since the invention of media (the book, the record, the movie…), there’s been a pyramid of value and pricing delivered by those that create it: Starting from the bottom: Free content is delivered to anyone who is willing to consume it, usually as a way of engaging attention and leading to sales of content down the road. This is the movie trailer, the guest on Oprah, the free chapter, the tweets highlighting big ideas.

Didn’t get the joke

The secret of good reviews and positive word of mouth is simple: if people get the joke, feel like insiders, finish the book, grow, learn, and are part of what you make, you win. If they don’t, if your product or service makes them feel dumb or poor or excluded, they won’t talk about you the same way. You don’t need everyone to talk about you.